County Planning Commission

Established pursuant to Article 30, Title 28 of the Colorado Revised Statutes and Resolution dated September 5, 1946

David Seymour   12/31/2016
Dennis Murphy   12/31/2016
Rob Smith
Lana Kinsey   12/21/2009 12/31/2018
David Frank
  12/21/2015 12/31/2018
Gary Garren
 Alternate 1 12/21/2015 12/31/2017
Jim Haugsness
 Alternate 2 02/15/2017

The Planning Commission is governed by and shall comply with all applicable provisions of C.R.S. 30-28-101 et seq.  In the development of a master plan, the consideration of zoning resolutions and all other related matters, and in conducting its other business, the Planning Commission is governed by the general objective of guiding and accomplishing a coordinated, adjusted, and harmonious development of the county.  This is accomplished by reviewing and determining  present and future needs, promoting health, safety, order, convenience, prosperity and general welfare, as well as efficiency and economy in the process of development.  This includes (among other things) adequate provision for traffic, the promotion of safety from fire and other dangers, adequate provision for light and air, the promotion of healthful and convenient distribution of population, the promotion of good design and arrangement, wise and efficient expenditure of public funds and the adequate provision for public utilities and other public requirements.

The Planning Commission is directed to recommend from time to time as it may deem advisable, amendments to the adopted subdivision regulations; to develop a master plan as provided by law; and to make plans for the zoning of the unincorporated territory of the County, all of which shall be for the consideration of the Board of County Commissioners.

It is the duty of the Planning Commission to update or amend County Regulations, including but not limited to the Subdivision and Zoning Regulations.  When directed by the Board of County Commissioners, it is the duty of the Planning Commission to update or amend the County Master Plan.

Each member of the Montrose County Planning Commission is appointed to serve a three (3) year term.  Alternate 1 is a (2) year term and Alternate 2 is a (1) year term. The Planning Commission meets the fourth (4) Thursday of the month at 6:00 p.m. in the County Board room located at 161 S. Townsend Avenue, Montrose, except in Nov and Dec when the meeting is held on the 3rd Thursday.  Special meetings may be scheduled by the Planning Commission and held at any time upon a majority vote by a quorum.