Board Openings

Montrose County is accepting applications from citizens interested in serving on the Boards listed below. For an application please contact Kathy Kacso at 317 S 2nd St or by email - Applications are also on the County website at

Fair Board – There is currently (1) vacancy fulfilling a (3) year term that will expire 09/01/2017. The Board advises the Commissioners on Fairgrounds improvements and meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

Weed Commission – Effective immediately, there are (3) openings with (3) year terms. The group promotes noxious weed control in Montrose County and meets on a quarterly basis at 6:00 p.m. at the Office of County Management (Administration).

West End Planning Advisory Committee - Effective 12/31/2016, there will be (2) openings with (2) year terms to expire 12/31/2018, as well as an Alternate position with a (1) year term. WEPAC gives citizens of the West End a voice in the planning and development of Montrose County, as well as providing recommendations on the adoption and implementation of new regulations.

Board of Adjustment - One vacancy exists with a term to expire 01/31/2020, as well as another vacancy with a term expiring 01/31/2021. There are (2) vacancies for Associate Members with terms to expire 01/31/2021. The Board meets on an "as-needed" basis to consider appeals as a result of zoning issues.

Region 10 L.E.A.P. Business Loan Fund Committee - Effective 01/01/2017, there will be an opening with a (2) year term to expire 01/01/2019. The Business Loan Fund Committee shall have the responsibility to qualify, approve or deny loans in compliance with the applicable Federal and State statutes and approved policy guidelines.

Southwestern Basin Round Table - Effective immediately, there is (1) opening fulfilling a position with an expiration of 01/14/2020. By-laws state the mission or purpose of the Roundtable is to support and advocate a collaborative effort to coordinate and facilitate the appropriate use of the State's waters; to build an effective voluntary basin-wide program that fosters open communication and cooperation among stakeholders.