Gunnison Basin Roundtable

Gunnison Basin Roundtable
Established pursuant to the State of Colorado House Bill #05-117 during the 2005 Legislative Session, codified as 37-75-101 et seq. C.R.S.

Jay Jutten   (Decker) (Hokit) Montrose County 01/05/2015 01/05/2020

The purpose of the Gunnison Basin Roundtable is to facilitate continued discussions within and between basins on water management issues and encourage locally driven cooperative solutions to water supply challenges, the Colorado Water for the 2st Century Act created nine permanent basin roundtables in 2005 under House Bill 05-1177, one of which was the Gunnison Basin Roundtable.

Meetings are held in Montrose on the first Monday of each month. Members are appointed to a 5 year term by their respective County Commissioners. Appointments to fill a vacancy will be for the remaining term.

Office is located at 501 Palmer Street, Delta, Colorado or you can visit them online at their website.