Posted on: November 8, 2016

MCSO On-Duty Patrol Trucks Now Equipped with Narcan

The Montrose County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) is taking another step in the war against drugs by outfitting on-duty patrol vehicles with Narcan. Narcan, otherwise known as naloxone, can help or even reverse the effects of an opioid or heroin overdose. The training and medication is key to helping deputies to better protect and serve our community and combat the growing heroin use in Montrose County.

“Protecting the public is our first priority,” said Undersheriff Adam Murdie. “By adding both Narcan and automated external defibrillators as a kit for on-duty patrol vehicles, we are elevating our level of preparedness for any situation. Our goal is to help mitigate the devastating effects of opioid abuse.”

Over the past few months, deputies received training on the proper administration and use of Narcan. A policy was also adopted at the MCSO to help guide Narcan practices. When responding to a potential overdose situation, deputies will have the ability to deploy a potentially lifesaving dose of the nasal spray. Thus far in 2016, Montrose County Coroner Dr. Thomas Canfield determined heroin to be the cause of four overdose deaths.

Combined with the use of Deputy K-9 Oxx, the MCSO continues to look at tools and tactics aimed at reducing drug abuse in our county. While Narcan is not a solution to the problem, it is the duty of the MCSO to save lives in hopes that the user may live another day and seek help. The MCSO continues to work with community partners, law enforcement agencies, and first responders to battle drug use in the county.

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